Occurs on Saturday November 16 2019

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Whidbey Island Center for the Arts
565 Camano Avenue
Langley WA 98260

Performance Notes

× Journey through the history of the world according to the guitar. Guitar duo Andre Feriante and Troy Chapman present their personal collection of musical instruments from around the world. All are relatives of the guitar, from the ancient oud and baglama to the small but mighty ukulele and charango. This duo of virtuoso musicians will present a selection of music that corresponds to the origins of each instrument.

Feriante and Chapman cast a wide net, going back to the roots of strings from all continents: the banjo from Africa, the oud from the Middle East, sisters of the sitar from India, the lute from Europe, the baroque guitar, many of the various South American instruments that migrated from the old world and reinvented themselves as the tres, the cuatro, or the charango, and this year also featuring the ruan, the Chinese moon guitar.

Andre and Troy will begin the show by assembling two archaic instruments, simulating the very beginnings of the first string plucked over a drum. The history of the guitar will progress chronologically through time and bring us to the arch top/jazz, acoustic and electric guitars and the roots of American music. It will be an informative, entertaining, and educational celebration of the most popular instrument in the world: the guitar! Educational, Enlightening, Entertaining: Cythara2 is a delightful ride through musical history.

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